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Division of Exercise Science - [ Clinical Exercise Physiology ]

[ Undergraduate Program ]

Clinical Exercise Physiology

The Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration provides students with the essential knowledge to work in exercise and rehabilitation programs. These programs may focus on improving the health and fitness of apparently healthy individuals or the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from injuries or chronic diseases. Students completing the Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration are primarily prepared to work as exercise specialists in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Other areas of preparation include programs for individuals with diabetes, orthopedic limitations, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, and programs for the elderly, overweight and/or obese persons. Students complete an internship and either the 18 hour rehabilitation science track or the 18 hour pre-graduate health professions track. Students in Clinical Exercise Physiology are also ideally suited to enter graduate studies in one of the health professions such as physical therapy or occupational therapy. Others choose to further their exercise science education by pursuing the master's degree.

Dr. John Lamberth, Associate Professor
Rm. 235

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