Dr. Kyungeun Kim


  • Lecturer


Email: kk1502@msstate.edu

Dr. Kyungeun Kim received her doctoral and bachelor’s degrees in dance, and a master’s degree in Sport Pedagogy from Seoul National University, Department of Physical Education. Dr. Kim is South Korea’s national titleholder of multiple intangible cultural assets, including "Disciple" of no. 27, Seung-mu (monk dance), "Disciple" of drum dance (sul-jang-go), ritual dance (Kyunggido-dodang-gut), circle dance (gang-gang-sul-lae), and crane dance (Dong-rae-hak-chum). She also has professional ballet, modern, and contemporary dance training and won numerous awards in prestigious national and global dance competitions. Her research expertise includes teaching methods and evaluation in dance, creative dance choreography, globalization in dance, and dance education.