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Faculty & Staff - [ Dr. Harish Chander ]

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Dr. Harish Chander

Dr. Harish Chander

Assistant Professor
Biomechanics & Neuromotor Control
Co-Director of Neuromechanics Laboratory

Department of Kinesiology
McCarthy Room: 221
Complete Vitae


  • University of Mississippi - Ph.D., 2014; Biomechanics & Neuromechanics
  • University of Mississippi - M.S., 2012; Exercise Science & Kinesiology
  • The TN Dr. MGR Medical University - B.P.T., 2008; Physical Therapy

Areas of Research

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Biomechanics of Human Balance and Gait
  • Biomechanics of Slips, Fall and Injury Prevention
  • Impact of Footwear on Human Balance and Gait

Areas of Teaching

  • Neuromotor Control and Learning
  • Biomechanics and Occupational Biomechanics
  • Anatomical Kinesiology
  • Prevention and Care / Rehabilitation Techniques in Sports

Recent Publications

✝ Indicates student mentored project

  • Chander H, Knight AC & Carruth DW. (2019). Does Minimalist Footwear Design Aid Postural Stability and Fall Prevention in Ergonomics? Ergonomics in Design.(Accepted/In-Press).
  • Chander H, Tuner AJ, Swain JC, Sutton PE, McWhirter KL, Morris CE, Knight AC & Carruth D. (2019). Impact of Occupational Footwear and Workload on Postural Stability in Work Safety. Work. (Accepted/In-Press).
  • Simpson J., Stewart E., Rendos N., Cosio-Lima L., Wilson S., Macias D., Chander H., & Knight A. (2019). Anticipating ankle inversion perturbations during a single-leg drop landing alters ankle joint and impact kinetics. Human Movement Science, 66, 22-30.
  • McAllister MJ, Holland AM, Chander H, Waldman HS; Smith JW & Basham SA. (2019). Impact of ketone salt containing supplement on cardiorespiratory and oxidative stress response in firefighters exercising in personal protective equipment.Asian Journal of Sports Medicine. doi:10.5812/asjsm.82404.
  • Chander H, McAllister MJ, Holland AM, Waldman HS, Krings BM, Swain JC, Turner AJ, Basham SA, Smith JW & Knight AC. (2019). Effects of Ketone Ingestion on Single and Dual-Task Postural Stability and Muscular Exertion in Firefighters. Safety, 5, 15;
  • † Kodithuwakku Arachchige S, Chander H & Knight AC. (2019). Flat feet: Biomechanical implications, assessment and management. The Foot, 38, 81-85.
  • Simpson J., Stewart E., Turner A., Macias D., Wilson S., Chander H, & Knight A. (2019). Neuromuscular control in individuals with chronic ankle instability: A comparison of unexpected and expected ankle inversion perturbations during a single leg drop-landing. Human Movement Science, 64, 133-141.
  • Krings B, Waldman HS, Shepperd B, Swain JC, Turner AJ, Chander H, McAllister MJ, Knight AC & Smith JE. (2019). Impact of fat grip attachments on muscular strength and neuromuscular activation during resistance exercise. .Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
  • Morris CE & Chander H, (2018). The Impact of Firefighter Physical Fitness on Job Performance: A Review of the Factors That Influence Fire Suppression Safety and Success. Safety, 4, 60.
  • †Turner AJ, Chander H & Knight AC. (2018). Falls in geriatric population and hydrotherapy as an intervention: A brief review. Geriatrics, 3(4), 71.
  • Chander H, Knight AC, Garner JC, Wade, C, Carruth D, Wilson SJ, Gdovin JR & Williams CC. (2018). Impact of military type footwear and load carrying workload on postural stability. Ergonomics.
  • Liu Y, Stranburg T, Chander H & Knight AC. (2018). Assessment of Performance of Nitinol-Based Arch Wedge Supports in Bearing Forces and Stresses due to Human Movement Using FEA. International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics.
  • Dabbs NC & Chander H. (2018). The Impact of Effects of Exercise Induced Muscle Damage on Lower Extremity Torque and Balance Performance in Recreationally Trained Individuals. Sports.6 (3), 101.
  • Simpson JD, Knight AC, Macias D, Stewart E & Chander H. (2018). Lower extremity kinematics during ankle inversion perturbations: a novel methodology that simulates an unexpected lateral ankle sprain mechanism. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.
  • Morris CE, Winchester LJ, Hussey AJ, Tomes AS, Neal WA, Wilcoxen DM, Chander H, Arnett SW. (2018). Effect of a simulated tactical occupation task on physiological strain index, stress and inflammation. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.
  • Luczak, T.; Saucier, D.; Burch, R.F.; Ball, J.E.; Chander H.; Knight, A.; Wei, P.; Iftekhar, T. (2018). Closing the Wearable Gap: Mobile Systems for Kinematic Signal Monitoring of the Foot and Ankle. Electronics, 7(7), 117;
  • Simpson JD, Knight AC, Macias D, Stewart E & Chander H. (2018). Individuals with chronic ankle instability exhibit dynamic postural stability deficits and altered unilateral landing biomechanics: A systematic review. Physical Therapy in Sport.
  • † Hill CM, Wilson SJ, Mouser JG, Donahue PT & Chander H. (2018). Motor Adaptation during Repeated Motor Control Testing: Attenuated Muscle Activation without Changes in Response Latencies. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology.
  • Gdovin, JR; Williams, CC; Wilson, SJ; Cazas-Moreno, VC; Eason, JD; Hoke, EL; Allen, CR; Chander H; Wade, C; Garner, JC. (2018). The effects of athletic footwear on ground reaction forces during a side step cutting maneuver on artificial turf. International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences, 6(2), 30-36.
  • † Krings BM, Miller BL, Chander H, Waldman HS, Knight AC, McAllister M, Fountain BJ, Smith JW. (2018). Impact of occupational footwear during simulated workloads on energy expenditure. Footwear Science, 1-9.
  • Simpson JD, Miller BM, Knight AC & Chander H. (2018). Impact of external load training on drop landing kinetics. Human Movement Science, 59, 12-17.
  • Morris CE, Winchester LJ, Hussey AJ, Tomes AS, Neal WA, Wilcoxen DM, Chander H, Arnett SW. (2018). Effect of a simulated tactical occupation stressor and task complexity on mental focus and related physiological parameters. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 66, 200-205.
  • Chander H, Knight AC, Garner JC, Wade, C, Carruth D, DeBusk H & Hill CM. (2018). Impact of military type footwear and workload on heel contact dynamics during slip events. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 66(C), 18-25.
  • Waldman HS; Basham SA; Krings BM; Smith JW; Chander H; Knight AC; McAllister, MJ. (2018). Exogenous Ketone Salts Improve Cognitive Responses Without Decrements to High Intensity Exercise Performance in Healthy College-Aged Males. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism.
  • † Turner AJ, Swain JC, McWhirter KL, Knight AC, Carruth D & Chander H. (2018). Influence of occupational footwear and workload on muscular exertion. International Journal of Exercise Science; 11 (1), 331-341.
  • † DeBusk H, Hill CM, Chander H, Knight AC & Babski-Reeves K. (2018). Influence of Military Workload and Footwear on Static and Dynamic Balance Performance. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations

  • American Society of Biomechanics (ASB)
  • Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society (GCMAS)
  • International Council of Motor Sports (ICMS)
  • South-East American College of Sports Medicine (SEACSM)
  • American Red Cross (Certified CPR/AED Instructor)