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Mission and Strategic Plan

The Department’s Vision

To achieve national recognition as a premier program for research production, student development, and the promotion of physical activity, health, and sport.

The Department’s Mission

The Department of Kinesiology prepares aspiring professionals and emerging scholars, conducts and disseminates research, and provides service in the areas of physical activity, exercise, and sport.

The Department’s Strategic Platform

VisionCreate a future direction around which the department can rally.
EndowmentFund faculty research, student scholarships, and chaired professorships.
ResearchDiscovery enhances visibility on campus, in the region, and across the nation.
IndividualEngaged people with great work ethics create departmental visibility.
TeamworkWidespread collaboration spreads resources and creates success.
AugmentationAccelerate qualitative growth while maintaining enrollment.
Scope Distributing responsibilities creates more success.

The Department’s Strategic Goals

  1. Increase the Visibility, Name Recognition, and “Brand” Identity of the Department of Kinesiology
  2. Establish and Strengthen Industry Partnerships
  3. Enhance Faculty and Student Academic Achievement and Improve the Department’s Academic Culture
  4. Increase Capital Investment

Actionable Time Frames

Proximate:Work begins in the first year of the plan. Success on the action achievable that year.
Intermediate:Work may begin early in the plan, but may also be delayed in the short run due to the more complicated nature of the action. Success requires much data collection and analysis.
Ultimate:Work is ongoing with the chance for success towards the end of the plan requiring relatively more complicated data gathering, analysis, and multiparty involvement.


One: Increase the Visibility, Name Recognition, and “Brand” Identity of the Department of Kinesiology


  • Change from a Department to a School of Kinesiology.
  • Create research centers of excellence within the department.
  • Create community outreach programs focusing around the department’s two primary divisions – Exercise Science and Sports Studies
  • Establish key faculty as world-renowned experts to enhance reputation and marketability.
  • Study several other academic programs and curricula as potential additions to the department.
  • Enhance department visibility locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Enhance departmental efforts in social media including an improvement of the department’s website and its use.
  • Achieve membership in the American Kinesiology Association.

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Two: Establish and Strengthen Industry and Governmental Partnerships


  • Establish collaborative relationships with industry and government agencies through the established research centers created in the department
  • Generate industry involvement for research opportunities.
  • Establish new avenues for internal and external funding through the centers.

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Three: Enhance Faculty and Student Academic Achievement and Improve the Department’s Academic Culture


  • Place a significant number of students in jobs and graduate schools appropriate to their field.
  • Utilize relevant internships and practical experiences to improve the professional experiences of students.
  • Promote experiential teaching and learning through relevant faculty/student research.
  • Provide additional graduate assistantships in each academic area to encourage scholarly development.
  • Integrate scholarly interests with challenging classroom and laboratory experiences.
  • Provide graduate students with quality pedagogical experiences in classes at the undergraduate level.
  • Maintain the research productivity of faculty members at a high level.
  • Create a mentoring program for junior faculty members and graduate students.
  • Promote faculty engagement in professional organizations.
  • Strengthen departmental curricula through periodic review to: 1) adjust to societal and professional needs, 2) reduce redundancy, and 3) improve learning outcomes.
  • Foster good citizenship in students and faculty through involvement in department activities, such as faculty research, departmental symposia, and outreach to the campus and Starkville community.
  • Recruit high quality students to our programs.
  • Reduce the teaching and advising load of graduate faculty to increase research productivity and retain quality faculty members.

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Four: Increase Capital Investment


  • Construction or renovation of an adequate and technologically-advanced physical space by the year 2020. An alternative indicator would be to at least have a solid plan/date from administration as to when the project would commence.
  • Entice future donations from alumni and community members who are emotionally invested in kinesiology and our department’s individual programs.
  • Work more closely with the current foundation staff to increase department specific donations.
  • Increase faculty and staff salaries.
  • Increase the number of faculty and staff full-time positions to better meet the needs of the growing student population and to achieve a more favorable teaching load appropriate to a doctoral granting department.

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