Kinesiology is an integrative discipline that focuses on the various components and processes of human movement related to physical activity and sport. It incorporates scientific, humanistic and professional research methodologies and concerns so as to better understand physical activity and its relationship to human well-being, health and culture. Scientific areas include anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, biomechanics, psychology, and epidemiology. Humanistic areas include history, philosophy and sociology.  Kinesiology also includes professional fields such as Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Education and Coaching, Athletic Training and Sport Administration.

The Mississippi State University Department of Kinesiology is housed within the College of Education and features numerous exceptional areas of study for graduate and undergraduate students. Undergraduate students can choose one of five concentrations: Clinical Exercise Physiology, Neuromechanics, Performance Fitness, Sport Administration and Physical Education and Coaching. Graduate students at the Master's level can choose Sport Administration, Sport Pedagogy, or Exercise Physiology (clinical exercise physiology or strength and conditioning). Ph.D. students can choose Exercise Science or Sport Studies (physical education, sport philosophy, sport communication, sport administration and marketing).

The Department of Kinesiology is in the business of education. But education is not to reform students nor amuse them nor make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their thinking, broaden their horizons, stimulate their intellects, develop skills, arouse their curiosity, and create in them a love for physical activity. If you are interested in this type of education then stop by for a visit and learn more about our department.

Department Spotlight


Sport Admin. Alum and Bulldogs "Superfan" lands suprise trip to CWS Final

(July 2, 2021), St. Louis, MO -- Justin Aguiar, a 2019 Sport Administration Master's Degree graduate from Mississippi State University, who now works…

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Jared Boxes

SS 8883 Graduate Sports Ethics Students Make "Jared Boxes" for OCH Medical Center

(May 7, 2021), Starkville, MS -- Jared Boxes made by graduate Sports Administration students in Dr. Twietmeyer's SS 8883 sports ethics course were recently delivered to OCH Regional Medical Center. Jared Boxes are shoe boxes full of toys and games for children in the hospital. Dr. Twietmeyer encourages the students to participate in the project as a lesson in altruism and as an example of Aristotle's claim that "we become what we practice".

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