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Graduate Programs

The Department of Kinesiology offers four Master of Science degree concentrations (disability studies, exercise physiology, sport administration, and sport pedagogy) and two Doctor of Philosophy degree concentrations (exercise science and sport studies).

The disability studies concentration prepares students for careers in physical activity promotion for persons with disabilities. The exercise physiology master’s degree program prepares students for careers in fitness and allied health care professions. The sport administration master’s degree program prepares students for careers in the sport industry, including positions with professional, collegiate, and recreational sport organizations. The Sport Pedagogy master’s degree program prepares students for leadership roles as coaches and physical educators. Each master’s degree program also prepares students for advanced study at the doctoral level.

The exercise science doctoral degree program focuses on the scientific study of how biological systems function during physical activity, exercise, and sport, emphasizing applications to both clinical and healthy populations. The sport studies doctoral degree program involves studying sport from an interdisciplinary perspective, including the areas of sport management, sport pedagogy, sport sociology, and sport philosophy. Both doctoral degree programs are intended to prepare students for teaching and/or research careers in higher education, industry, and other research institutions.

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Master of Science Degree Programs:

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs: