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Clinical Exercise Physiology (CLEP)

The Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration provides students with the essential knowledge to work in exercise and rehabilitation programs. These programs may focus on improving the health and fitness of apparently healthy individuals or the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from injuries or chronic diseases. Students completing the Clinical Exercise Physiology concentration are primarily prepared to work as exercise specialists in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Other areas of preparation include programs for individuals with diabetes, orthopedic limitations, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, and programs for the elderly, overweight and/or obese persons. Students complete an internship and either the 18 hour rehabilitation science track or the 18 hour pre-graduate health professions track. Students in Clinical Exercise Physiology are also ideally suited to enter graduate studies in one of the health professions such as physical therapy or occupational therapy. Others choose to further their exercise science education by pursuing the master's degree.

  • Community college transfer hours may not exceed 62 hours toward this curriculum.  
  • Please review your CAPP/DegreeWorks before each advisement meeting (see MSU MyState)  
  • It is each student’s responsibility to determine and obtain coursework required for any post-graduate studies and communicate those requirements with his/her advisor.  
  • Any questions regarding curriculum or advisement can be answered by logging into the Kinesiology Advising Hub or through your myState
  • General Education Requirements and MSU Course Catalog may be found at 
  • Printable CLEP Curriculum

*Note: Courses in bold are those for which you must complete previous prerequisite courses before enrolling.

ENGLISH (6 hours)  
EN 1103 English Comp 1 (prereq.: ACT English score 17 or above or EN 0103) OR EN 1163 Accelerated Comp 1 (prereq.: ACT English score 29 or above) 3
EN 1113 English Comp 2 (prereq.: English Comp I or Accelerated Comp I) OR EN 1173 Accelerated Comp II (prereq.: Accelerated Comp 1 or ACT English score 28 or higher) 3
FINE ARTS (3 hours)  
PE 1323 History & Appreciation of Dance Or other Gen. Ed. Fine Arts (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Fine Arts) 3
MATH (6 hours)  
MA 1313 College Algebra (prereq.: ACT Math subscore 19 or prereq. grade of C or better in MA 0103) 3
ST 2113 Introduction to Statistics (prereq.: ACT Math subscore 24 or a grade of C or better in MA 1313) 3
SCIENCES (11 hours): suggested completion before Spring, Sophomore year)  
BIO 1134 Biology 1 OR other Gen. Ed. 4-hr BIO Natural Sci. (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Natural Science) 4
CH 1213 Chemistry 1 & CH 1211 Investig. in Chem. 1 OR other Gen. Ed. 4-hr CH Natural Sci. (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Natural Sci.) 4
Natural Science: suggest BIO 1004 (prereq.: any course in bio. sciences) OR other Gen. Ed. Natural Sci. (see General Ed. Requirements: Natural Sci.) 3-4
HUMANITIES (6 hrs)  
Choose 1 Gen. Ed. Humanities (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Humanities) 3
Choose 1 Gen. Ed. Humanities (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Humanities) 3
PSY 1013 Psychology OR other Gen. Ed. Social/Behavioral Sci. (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Social/Beh. Sci.) 3
SO 1003 Intro. to Sociology OR other Gen. Ed. Social/Beh. Sci. (see Gen. Ed. Requirements: Social/Beh. Sci.) 3


EP 3304 Exercise Physiology: suggestion completion by end of Sophomore year (prereq.: BIO 1004 Anat. & Phys. OR BIO 3014 Human Phys. & CH 1213 or CH 1043 *BIO 3014 typically offered Spr. only (prereqs. for BIO 3014: BIO 1134 & CH 1213 or BIO 2004 & CH 1043) 4
EP 3643 Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology (prereq.: BIO 1004 Anat. & Phys. {typically offered Spring only} or BIO 3004 Human Anat. {typically Fall only}) 3
EP 4113 Fitness Programs and Testing Procedures (prereq.: EP 3304) 3
EP 4183 Exercise and Weight Control (prereq.: EP 3304) 3
EP 4504 Mechanical Analysis of Movement (prereq.: EP3233 Anatomical Kinesiology) 4
EP 4603 Physical Activity Epidemiology (prereq.: EP 3304) 3
EP 4814 Exercise Science Internship (prereq.: senior status, completion of at least 12 hrs. within CLEP CONCENTRATION COURSES, Intern. Coordin. approval, see Kines. Advising Hub for important forms). 4
KI 2023 Foundations of Health Education 3


EP 2013 Fundamentals of Kinesiology (suggested completion by end of Freshman year) 3
EP 3233 Anatomical Kinesiology (suggested completion by end of Sophomore year) 3
PE 1000 Play, Fitness and Physical Activity (a 3 hr. course) OR choose 3, 1-hour P.E. activity courses (see MSU Course Catalog for descriptions. PE 1191 is not an option) 3
Choose 1 Kinesiology Core Course Selection below (see MSU Course Catalog for descriptions/options) SS 4003 Philosophy of Sport & Physical Activity SS 4303 Globalization & Sport PE 3163 Sport Psychology EP 3183 Exercise Psychology 3


EP 3613 Exercise Electrocardiography (prereq. BIO 1004 or BIO 3014) 3
EP 3803 Advanced Exercise Physiology (prereq. EP 3304) 3
EP 4123 Aging and Physical Activity (prereq.: EP 3304) 3
EP 4133 Exercise Programs for Clinical Populations (prereq.: EP 3304) 3
EP 4143 Aging and Disability (prereq.: EP 3304 then EP 4123 Aging & Phys. Activ.) 3


Coursework must pertain to professional focus area, & consent of advisor is required prior to enrollment. Combination of courses taken must total 15 credit hours 15


BIO 3004 Human Anat. (typically offered Fall only) 4
BIO 3014 Human Phys. (typically Spr. only) (prereqs.: BIO 1134 & CH 1213 or BIO 2004 & CH 1043 or equiv.) 4
KI 2603 Medical Terminology 3
Choose 1 of the communications-based course below: (see Course Catalog descriptions prior to selection) CO 1003 Fundamentals of Public Speaking CO 1013 Introduction to Communications CO 2253 Interpersonal Communication 3
Choose 1 of the writing-based courses below: (see Course Catalog descriptions prior to selection) EDF 3413 Writing for Thinking (prereq.: Eng. Comp. 1 & 2 or equivalent with C or better & junior standing) MGT 3213 Organizational Communication (prereq.: EN 1113 & junior standing) BIO 3013 Professional Writing for Biologists (prereq.: consent of instructor due to non-Bio. concentration) 3

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Dr. John Lamberth, Associate Professor