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Research in the coaching of sport focuses on understanding the theoretical basis of and best practices for coaching sports effectively. This includes the highly competitive and commercial levels such as professional sports and big-time intercollegiate sports. It also includes coaching at the interscholastic, youth and recreational levels. Research includes areas looking at psychology and motivation, pedagogy and skill development, leadership, as well as policy analysis and ethical issues.

Primary Associated Faculty

Associated Doctoral Students

  • Mutaz Bakri

Associated Master's Students

Research Emphases

  • Expertise in Coaching
  • Coaching Education
  • Professional Development in Coaching

Recent Publications

Graduate Student Publications, Dissertations & Theses

Selected Faculty Publications

  • Vickers, B. (Manuscript in Preparation). Communities of Practice and Peer Interactions of Southeastern Conference Head Football Coaches.
  • Vickers, B., & Wax, B. (Manuscript in Preparation). Expert Coaches' Perceptions of Coaching Education.
  • Vickers, B., & Culp, B. (in preparation). Book Chapter in Schempp's Coaching Expertise.
  • Vickers, B., & Schoenstedt, L. (In Press). Coaching Development: Methods for Youth Sport Introduction. Strategies
  • McCullick, B., Mason, I., Schempp, P.G., Foo, C., Vickers, B., Connolly, G., (2009). A Scrutiny of the Coaching Education Program Scholarship Since 1995. Quest, 61 (3), 322-335.