Resistance Exercise Performance Laboratory (REP)

The Resistance Exercise Performance Laboratory, or REP Lab, focuses on the physiological and biomechanical responses to exercise. The aim of this lab group is to understand the underlying mechanisms leading to increases in muscle strength and power in various populations, primarily through the use of noninvasive techniques.

Disability Research Laboratory

The Disability Research Laboratory at Mississippi State University is dedicated to advancing the scientific inquiry of physical activity, physical fitness, and health in people with disabilities, especially those with Down syndrome.  Our goal is to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge for enhancing meaningful physical activity participation and reducing health disparities in individuals with disabilities.

Neuromechanics Laboratory

The Neuromechanics Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology under the directorship of Dr. Adam Knight and Dr. Harish Chander focuses on a comprehensive biomechanical, neuromuscular, motor learning and performance analysis of human movement. The aim of the lab is to enhance understanding in biomechanical, behavioral, neural, and cognitive mechanisms underlying human movements and to improve performance and prevent injuries in a variety of populations ranging from recreational, athletic, occupational, geriatric and special populations.

Physical Activity and Wellness Laboratory (PAW)

The Physical Activity and Wellness Research Group is focused on understanding the role of physical activity and exercise in the prevention and management of various public health concerns and chronic diseases. The aim of this group is to increase our knowledge of the causes and determinants of physical activity in different cross-sections of the population. Further, this group aims to disentangle the pathways by which physical activity may influence multiple parameters of health and wellness.

Human Energetics and Thermoregulation Laboratory (HEaT)

The Human Energetics and Thermoregulation (HEaT) Laboratory is dedicated to exploring the metabolic needs and changes that occur around exercise with special attention to nutritional manipulations and the impact of both internal and external thermoregulatory stressors. The goal of this lab is to better understand the impact of nutritional, hydration, and thermoregulatory interventions on performance and safety.

Sport and Exercise Psychophysiology Laboratory

The Sport and Exercise Psychophysiology Laboratory is part of the Department of Kinesiology at Mississippi State University. We are interested in how brain works that underlie cognition and motor behavior. We are especially interested in how humans learn motor skills and change movements throughout the lifespan. Our research combines behavioral and EEG techniques in a range of populations, including young adults, older adults, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (e.g., Down syndrome, Autism), and patients with movement disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease).

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Multipurpose Movement Studio

Movement Neuroscience Laboratory

Clinical Metabolism and ECG Laboratory

Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory

Sport in the Home Laboratory (SitH)