Dr. Benjamin Wax


  • Professor
  • Director, Human Energetics and Thermoregulation Laboratory


Email: bwax@colled.msstate.edu

Complete Vitae


  • University of Mississippi (Ph.D., 1999, Exercise Science)
  • Mississippi State University (M.S., 1993, Exercise Science)
  • Mississippi State University (B.S., 1991, Physical Education)

Areas of Research

  • Amino Acids and Exercise Performance
  • Supplementation and Resistance Exercise
  • Carbohydrate and Resistance Exercise Performance

Areas of Teaching

  • Sport and Exercise Physiology
  • Doping and Supplement Use in Sport
  • Fitness Programs and Testing
  • Exercise and Weight Control

Recent Publications

  • Wax, B., & Kavazis, A.N., & Brown, S.P. (2013). “Effects of Supplemental Carbohydrate Ingestion During Superimposed Electromyostimulation Exercise in Elite Weight lifters.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Oct; 27(11), 3084-3090
  • Wax, B., & Hilton, L., Vickers, B., Gilliland, K., and Conrad, M. (2013) “Effects of Glycine-Arginine-alpha-Ketiosocaproic Acid Supplementation in College-Age Trained Females During Multi-Bouts of Resistance Exercise.” Journal of Dietary Supplements. Mar; 10(1):6-16
  • Wax, B., Kavazis A.N., Brown S.P., and Hilton, L. (2013) “Effects of Supplemental GAKIC Ingestion on Resistance Training Performance in Trained Males.” Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. June; 84:2, 245-251.
  • Wax, B., Mayo J.J., Hilton, L., Miller, J., Webb, H.E., and Lyons, B. (2013) “Acute L-arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate Fails To Improve Muscular Force Strength and Endurance in ROTC Cadets.” International Journal of Exercise Science. 6(2): 91-97
  • Webb, H.E., Campbell, D.A., Tangsilsat, S.E., McLeod, K.A., Acevedo, E.O., & Wax, B. (2013) “Aerobic Fitness Impacts Cortisol Resopnses to Concurrent Challenges”. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Feb; 45(2):379-86.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations

  • American College of Sport Medicine
  • International Society of Sports Nutrition
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association