Disability Studies Curriculum


  • KI 8603 Disability, Physical Activity and Health
  • KI 8553 Exercise Management for Persons with Disabilities
  • KI 8563 Motor Behavior in Special Populations
  • KI 8543 Postural and Locomotor Rehabilitation

RESEARCH CORE (6 credit hours)

  • KI 8303 Research in Kinesiology
  • KI 8313 Interpretation of Data in Kinesiology


  • EDX 6103 Introduction to Teaching Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • EDX 6623 Adaptations for Students with Physical/Multiple Disabilities
  • EDX 6353 Assistive Technology in Special Education
  • COE 6353 Assistive Technology in the Rehabilitation Process
  • COE 8363 Psychological Aspects of Disability
  • COE 8373 Medical Aspects of Disability

*Students should select 2 courses from the above list in consultation with their advisors.

Students interested in Assistive Technology may take only one of the following courses toward the degree: EDX 6353 or COE 6353.

ELECTIVES (3 credit hours)

  • EP 8243 Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology
  • EP 8263 Exercise Metabolism
  • EP 8323 Science and Practice in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • EP 8443 Neuromuscular Mechanisms in Exercise
  • EP 8453 Biomechanics of Human Movement
  • PE 6163 Principles and Methods of Secondary School Health and Physical Education
  • PE 6883 School Health Education
  • PE 8113 Curriculum Construction in Physical Education
  • SS 8803 Sport Law
  • SS 8833 Event and Facility Management
  • SS 8883 Ethical Issues in Sport

*Students should select one elective course in consultation with their advisers.

This course should be chosen in a way that fits the interests and career goals of each student. The above courses are a list of acceptable electives from diverse areas such as Special Education, Counselor Education, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Physical Education, and Sport Studies. Students may pursue other electives not listed above with the approval of their advisor and advisory committee. Students should be aware that prerequisites or restrictions may apply to some courses. Students interested in Assistive Technology may only take one of the following courses towards the degree: EDS 6353 or COE 6353.

CONCLUDING OPTIONS (6 credit hours)

Students select one of the three following concluding options. Note: students who select the directed individual study or internship option must also pass comprehensive exams prior to graduation.

Thesis Option

  • KI 8000 Thesis (6 credit hours)

Directed Individual Study Option

  • KI 7000 Directed Individual Study (3 credit hours)
  • Additional coursework approved by advisor (3 credit hours; excludes KI 7000)

Internship Option

  • KI 8710 Internship (3 credit hours)
  • Additional coursework approved by advisor (3 credit hours; excludes KI 7000)

33 total credit hours needed to complete degree