Dr. Chih-Chia (J.J.) Chen

Research/Teaching Expertise


  • Associate Professor
  • Co-Director, Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory


Email: chih.chia.chen@msstate.edu

Department of Kinesiology
Rice Hall Rm. 640

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  • Arizona State University (Ph.D., 2013, Kinesiology)
  • National Taiwan Normal University (M.Ed., 2006, Physical Education)
  • National Tainan Teachers College (B.Ed., 1999, Elementary Education; Physical Education minor)

Research Statement

The growing body of literature supports that movement behavior is the result of complex interactions between many different subsystems in the body, the task at hand, and the environment throughout the life course. I employ field, lab, and lab-in-the-field experiments to better understand the effect of physical activity, as it pertains to executive function, sleep, motor learning, and motor performance, particularly, in individuals with intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome. Analyses of EEG at a reference spectrum in specific sites at rest (before/after exercise) were performed to understand the role of exercise on these effects.

My research focuses on:

  • Effects of Acute and Chronic Exercises on Executive Function
  • Acute Exercise as an Intervention to Trigger Motor Performance
  • The Impact of Leisure Activities on Older Adults
  • Applied Motor Learning in Sport

Areas of Teaching

  • Motor Learning and Development
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Aging and Physical Activity

Selected Publications

Effects of Acute and Chronic Exercises on Executive Function
  • Chen, C.-C. (JJ), Ryuh, Y., & Mackey, K. (2022). The Cognitive Effect of Unified Flag Football Program in Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: The Exploratory Study. The Physical Educator, 79 (6), 615-628.
  • Chen, C.-C. (JJ), Ryuh, Y-J, Hardwick, H., Shirley, R., Brinkley, B., Lim, S., Lee, Y., & Kim, M-L. (2019). Psychological Benefits of Inclusive Soccer Program in Young Adults with and without Intellectual Disabilities. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 31(6), 847-861.
  • Chen, C.-C. (J.J.) & Ringenbach, S.D.R. (2016). Dose-Response Relationship between Intensity of Exercise and Cognitive Performance in Individuals with Down syndrome: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 60(6), 606-614.
Acute Exercise as an Intervention to Trigger Motor Performance
  • Chen, C-C. (JJ), Ryuh, Y., Tomprorwski, P. D., Lamberth, J., Pan, Z., & Conners, F. (Accepted- in press). Acute Effect of Skill Random Practice versus Cardiovascular Exercise on Motor Learning of a Golf Putting. International Journal of Sport Psychology.
  • Chen, C.-C., Ringenbach, S.D.R., Arnoldb, N.E., & Nam, K.  (2022). Stationary Cycling Exercise Improved Manual Dexterity in Older Adults with Down syndrome. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 34(4), 705-716.
  • Chen, C.-C. (J.J.), Ringenbach, S.D.R, & Snow, M. (2014). Treadmill Walking Effects on Grip Strength in Young Men with Down Syndrome. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35 (2), 288-293.
The Impact of Leisure Activities on Older Adults
  • Pan, Z., Talwar, S., Liu, K., Fang, Q., Ryuh, Y-J., Choi, P., Hou, L., Huang, M., Chen, C.C., & Lamberth, J. (In preparation) Tai Chi and Bingo Improve Hand Function of Older adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
  • Pan, Z., Su, X., Fang, Q., Hou, L., Lee, Y., Chen, C.C., Lamberth, J. & Kim, M.L. (2018). The Effects of Tai Chi Intervention on Healthy Elderly by Means of Neuroimaging and EEG: A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 10, 110.
Applied Motor Learning in Sport
  • Chen, C.-C. (JJ) & Crews, D. (Advanced online publication). Acute Effects of Cognitive Training Game on Functional Brain Asymmetry and Motor Performance in Golf Putting: A Pilot Study. International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education.
  • Chen, C.-C. (JJ), Ryuh, Y-J, Luczak, T., & Lamberth, J. (2021). The Effects of Attentional Focus and Skill Level on the Performance of Golf Putting. Journal of Motor Learning and Development., 9(3), 371-382
  • Chen, C.-C. (JJ), Ryuh, Y., Luczak, T., & Lamberth, J. (2022). Examining Different Foci of Attention on Golf Putting Performance in Novice Learners. The Physical Educator, 79(4), 466-483.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity
  • International Motor Development Research Consortium
  • Shape America
  • The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities