Applied Physiology

The Applied Physiology Research Group focuses on the physiological and biochemical responses to exercise. The aim of this group is to improve human performance through the utilization of training, equipment, and nutritional intervention. This group also aims to increase understanding of the body’s response to concurrent physical and mental stressors and identify methods to enhance metabolic and stress responses to physical activity.

Primary Associated Faculty

Associated Doctoral Students

  • Ben Krings
  • Hunter Waldman

Associated Master's Students

  • Stephen Basham
  • Timothy Peterson
  • Aaron Phelps
  • Ffion Price
  • Brandon Shepherd

Research Emphasis

  • Human Performance Enhancement
  • Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Hydration/Sports Nutrition
  • Exercise Metabolism
  • Concurrent Stress

Recent Publications

  • McAllister, M.J. , Webb, H.E., Tidwell, D.K., Smith, J.W., Fountain, B.J., Schilling, M.W., and Williams, R.D. (2016) Exogenous carbohydrate reduces cortisol response from combined mental and physical stress. International Journal of Sports Medicine. (In Press)
  • McAllister, M.J. , Hammond, K.G., Schilling, B.K., Ferreria, L.C., Reed, J.P., & Weiss, L.W. (2014). Muscle activation during various hamstring exercises. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 28(6), 1573-80.
  • McAllister, M.J. , Schilling, B.K., Hammond, K.G., Weiss, L., & Farney, T.M. (2013). Effect of grip width on electromyographic activity during the upright row. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(1).
  • Molloy, J.M., Smith, J.W. , & Pascoe, D.D. (2013) Age-related responses among adult males to a 14 day high intensity exercise-heat acclimation protocol. International SportMed Journal, 14(3), 103-118.
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  • Wax, B. , & Kavazis, A.N., & Brown, S.P. (2013). Effects of supplemental carbohydrate ingestion during superimposed electromyostimulation exercise in elite weight lifters. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(11), 3084-3090
  • Wax, B. , & Hilton, L., Vickers, B., Gilliland, K., & Conrad, M. (2013). Effects of Glycine-Arginine-alpha-Ketiosocaproic Acid Supplementation in College-Age Trained Females During Multi-Bouts of Resistance Exercise. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 10(1), 6-16
  • Wax, B. , Kavazis A.N., Brown S.P., & Hilton, L. (2013). Effects of Supplemental GAKIC Ingestion on Resistance Training Performance in Trained Males. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 84:2, 245-251.
  • Wax, B. , Mayo J.J., Hilton, L., Miller, J., Webb, H.E., & Lyons, B. (2013). Acute L-arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate Fails to Improve Muscular Force Strength and Endurance in ROTC Cadets. International Journal of Exercise Science, 6(2), 91-97
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