Dr. John Lamberth

Research/Teaching Expertise


  • Associate Professor
  • Director, Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory


Email: jgl@ra.msstate.edu


  • Aerospace Physiology, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, 1988
  • University of Southern Mississippi (Ph.D., 1988, Exercise Physiology)
  • Mississippi State University (M.S., 1985, Exercise Physiology)
  • University of Arkansas (B.S., 1976, Business Administration)

Recent Publications

  • Raudensky, J. & Lamberth, J. G. (2004, February). An innovative mechanism for youth fitness. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. (Referred)
  • Chromiak, J. A., Smedley, B., Carpenter, M. S., Brown, R., Koh, Y., Lamberth, J. G., Joe, L. A., Abadie, and Altorfer, G. (2004, February). Effect of a 10-week strength training program and recovery drink on body composition, muscular strength and endurance, and anaerobic power and capacity. Nutrition: The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences. (Referred)
  • Trostel, C. T., McLaughlin, R. M., Lamberth, J. G., Cooper, R. C., Elder, S. H., Pool, R.R., Gao, C., Chromiak, J. A., & Boyle, C. R. (2003, July (64) 7). Effects of pico-tesla electromagnetic field treatment on wound healing in rats. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 845-854. (Referred)
  • Saxena, A., Jacobson, J., Yamanashi, W., Scherlag, B., Lamberth, J. G., & Saxena, B. (2003 (60) 6). A hypothetical mathematical construct explaining the mechanism of biological amplification in an experimental model utilizing pico-tesla (PT) electromagnetic fields. Medical Hypotheses, 821-839. (Referred)
  • Jacobson, J. I., Gorman, R., Chaviano, F., Yamanashi, W. S., Grinberg, I., Dayton, M.,Haltiwanger, S., Saxena, B. B., Walters, B., Clayton, L., & Lamberth, J. G., (2001, (160)). Pico-tesla range magnetic fields tested in four site, double blind clinical study for treatment of osteoarthritic knees. Gazzetta Medical Italiana, 1-21. (Referred)