Dr. Zhujun Pan

Research/Teaching Expertise


  • Associate Professor
  • Co-Director, Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory


Email: zp147@msstate.edu

Curriculum Vitae


  • Louisianan State University (Ph.D., 2014, Kinesiology)
  • Capital Institute of Physical Education (M.S, 2009, Kinesiology)
  • Southwest Jiaotong University (B.S., 2005, Engineering)

Areas of Research

  • Motor function in older adults and Parkinson’s disease patients
  • Bimanual coordination and transfer of learning
  • Exercise intervention for special populations

Areas of Teaching

  • Neural motor control
  • Motor Learning

Selected Publications

  • Hill, C, Van Gemmert, A. W. A., Hou, L., Fang, Q., and Pan, Z (2020). Asymmetry in the Aging Brain: A Narrative Review of Cortical Activation Patterns and Implications for Motor Function. Journal of Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition. 25 (4), 413-429 (Impact factor: 1.267)
  • Pan, Z, Talwar, S., Plamondon, R., & Van Gemmert, A. W. A. (2019) Characteristics of Bi-Directional Unimanual and Bimanual Drawing Movements: The application of the Delta-Lognormal Models and Sigma-Lognormal Model. Pattern Recognition Letters. 121, 97-103 (Impact factor: 2.164)
  • Pan, Z, & Van Gemmert, A. W. A. (2018) The Control of Amplitude and Direction in a Bimanual Coordination task. Human Movment ScienceS0167-9457(17)30944-2 (Impact factor: 2.186)
  • Pan, Z, Su, X., Fang, Q., Hou, LJ., Lee, Y., Chen, CC, Lamberth, J., & Kim, ML. (2018) The Effects of Tai Chi Intervention on Healthy Elderly by Means of Neuroimaging and EEG: A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience18;10:110 (Impact factor: 4.504)
  • Aiken, C. A, Pan, Z., & Van Gemmert, A. W. A. (2017) The Effects of A Two-Step Transfer on A Visuomotor Adaptation Task. Experimental Brain Researchi235(11), 3459-3467 (Impact factor: 2.183)
  • Hou, L., Song, Z., Pan, Z., Cheng J., Yu Y., & Wang J. (2016) Decreased Activation of The Subcortical Brain Areas in Motor Fatigue State: An fMRI Study. Frontiers in Psychology , 7, 1154 (Impact factor: 2.321)